HS 14 - GSnBz14

HS 12 - GSnBz12

HS 10 - GSnBz10

HS 7 -  RG7

HS 9 – RG9

HSN 10 – GCuSnBz10Ni 

HSN 12 – GCuSnBz12Ni 

HSP 10 – GCuSnPbBz10 

HSP 15 – GCuSnPbBz15 

Type of Materials

Centrifugal casting Tin Bronzes

Sand Casting Tin Bronzes

Die Casting Tin Bronzes

Castings Tin Bronzes according to models

Typical Usage 

Tin bronze alloys are used for general purpose bearings with favorable combination of strength, machinability, castability, pressure tightness, corrosion resistance.

Tin bronze operates better with grease lubrication than other bearing bronzes. It is widely used in water pump fittings, valve bodies and general plumbing hardware.

It is hard, strong alloy with good corrosion resistance, especially against seawater. 

As bearings, it is wear resistant and resists pounding well. It is moderately machinable.

It is widely used for gears, worm wells, bearings, marine fittings, piston rings, and pump components.