ASTM KOD: 304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 309, 309S,
310, 310S, 430, 420

Type of Material

Pattern casting: Alphaset, Furan, Carbophen resin sand
mold casting methods.

Typical Usage

Kitchen utensils, kitchen sinks, manual tools, industrial
kitchens, chemicals and petro-chemicals industries, food
industry, automotive industry, heat exchange and boiler
Paper industry, dairy equipments, soap industry, leather
industry, chemicals industry, petroleum industry, boiler
making, and heat exchangers.
Resistances, exhaust pipes, aviation industry, chemicals industry.
Chemicals and petro-chemicals industries, steam boilers,
temperature resistant heat exchangers, various boiler
Chemicals and petro-chemicals industries, paper
industry, nuclear engineering, dairy equipments.
Chemicals and petro-chemicals industries, pump and
compressor parts, boilers, ovens and heat exchangers.
High temperature resistant equipments and
Oven components and high temperature resistant
equipments, chemicals and petro-chemicals industries.
Decorative uses, incandescent surface applications.