HCZ - CuZr

HCC - CuCr


HCN - CuNi2Si


Type of Materials

Forged Copper Products

Sand Casting Copper Products

Die Casting Copper Products

Castings Copper Products according to models


Typical Usage

Transformer fittings, plates, electrode holders, transformer secondary current carriers, tundish caps, wheel of continuous casting, continuous casting copper circle, copper mold casting line, Copper Rings are produced.

CuCr, CuZr, and CuCrZr have high electrical conductivity and medium hardness. Their typical uses are spot welding electrodes, seam welding discs, electrode holders, durable electric pieces, transformer connection pieces, contacts, and mould coolers in continuous castings of aluminum and brass, current stoppers, diving electrodes for erosion machines.

CuNi2Si have almost similar uses, thanks to their mechanical properties of high conductivity of heat and electricity.

Electrode holders for spot welding machines, seam welding shafts, stainless steel monel and nickel alloys, seam welding discs, spot and seam discs and welding electrodes for galvanized steel sheets, flash welding moulds, luminous and smooth plastic mould bodies, cooler parts, coolers in aluminum permanent moulds, pistons in metal injection machines, sparks arresters, valve bearings in high performance machines.