Arc Furnaces are the most valuable production units of Iron and Steel Plants. Breakdowns due to the replacement of worn out Arc Furnace components result in the interruption of production equal to hundreds of tons per hour, thus leading to substantial financial loss on annual basis. Longer intervals, in other words, less frequent replacement of arc furnace components is essential for quick production restart. That’s why the engineers always prefer high quality, unproblematic and durable components. In our awareness of their huge responsibility, we are committed to contribute to both the manufacturing companies and the national economy by means of supplying our engineers with components that meet exact quality and properties they need. With consumer concerns in our minds, we have focused on highest perfection and began the production of supreme quality components with top level customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Do you experience problems with your components?

Aren’t you satisfied with their performance?

Are you tired of using non-durable products? 

Are you experiencing precision issues in process parameters during installation?

Using Arc Furnace components by Heybetli Metalurji will save you from all problems if these questions are your major concern.

It is commonly known that due to poor electrical conduction, components made of low conductivity copper become instantly hot during the process, thus, causing the iron to melt and corrode. As a consequence, loss of durability causes shorter life span, eventually leading to reduced production throughput. Low electrical conductivity of such components cause increased power consumption at 10 to 18% when used in areas where conductivity is crucial, resulting in considerable financial losses per year. On the contrary, companies preferring our products enjoy the efficiency in power consumption and never come across any of the problems above as electrical conductivity at 85 to 95 IACS at minimum is the most remarkable feature of our components. 

9 reasons why you should prefer our products!!!!

1- High Quality 

2- Long Life-span 

3- High Energy Conductivity 

4- High Efficiency 

5- High performance 

6- Energy Saving 

7- Resistance to Corrosion 

8- Perfect Precision 

9- Easy Installation

Electric Arc Furnace Components

Electrode Holders

Contact Pads 

Contact Plates 

Contact Fences 

Electrode Arms 

Bus Bars 

Cooling Blocks 

WALL/EBT Water Boxes 


Burner Systems

Oxygen & arbon Lances