HA Q8- CuAl8Fe3

HA QM1 - CuAl11Ni6Fe5

HA QM2 - CuAl10Ni5Fe4

Type of Materials

Forged Aluminium Bronzes Extrusion Aluminium Bronzes

Centrifugal casting Aluminium Bronzes Sand Casting

Aluminium Bronzes Die Casting Aluminium Bronzes Castings

Aluminium Bronzes according to models

Typical Usage

Used in the construction of Ship propellers, bearings, gears, valves, pumps; optionally the Aluminium Bronzes HA Q8 - HA Q2 or Nickel Aluminium Bronze HA QM1 analyzes are produced.

Bronzes that we produce special alloys of aluminum HA Q5 – HA Q6, carbon steel and stainless steel parts are made of steel sink, cooker, kettle, boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, housing, oven housing, car bumper, wheels in the manufacture of steel plates, plaster molding, deep drawing dies, molds material is used. The above, copper, brass, aluminum and magnesium, metals such as shaping, spinning is used as the mold material.

Other alloys of Aluminium Bronzes HA Q8 - HA Q2 - HA QM1 Pipe bending relays, contacts, and die wear, Lugs, molded parts, plastic and glass industry in the manufacture and styling parts for the manufacture of high temperature and corrosion resistant, as well as the friction surfaces of the wear plates for press dies, the welding machines, conveyor shafts, Cr-plated shafts successfully used in centering and bearing positions. Aluminium Bronzes HA Q8 - HA Q2 - HA QM1 for the Iron and Steel Industry bushes, slides, gears, couplings and bars to get the current gantry crane is manufactured For Machinery Manufacturing, Aluminum Bronzes HA Q8 - HA Q2 - HA QM1 supporting shafts, gears, graphite, bronze, centering bearings, friction bearings and wear plates are produced.