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    We Are Proud Because We Are Matchless in Quality

    Heybetli Metallurgy has been working for 50 years in copper and copper alloys casting.
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    Our Strategic Goals & Our industry

    To continuously improve of our products through research and development. To develop our production methods and technology.

Quality Control Inspection

Since 1996, he specializes in the production of copper and copper alloys, semi-finished products and finished products in the non-ferrous metal sector. It produces the special alloy products needed in many fields of the industry by following the innovations in the field of metallurgy. Our company works not only for commercial cooperation and product supply with institutional customers but also as "quality partner" by helping to provide the best solutions to their problems.

Product Range


Sectors We Serve:

We have services and studies in the Iron and Steel, Ship Industry, Mold, Aluminum Cable, Energy, Valve and Machine Manufacturing Sectors: The main objective of Majestic Metallurgy is customer satisfaction. Having a wide service area, it addresses to Iron and Steel, Ship Industry, Mold, Aluminum Cable Production, Energy, Machine Manufacturing and Valve Sectors.

Some of the Product Highlights:
  • Arc Furnace Spare Parts
  • Stainless Steel Products
  • Bronze Products
  • Piston Materials
  • Copper Products

Building Preliminary Analysis

Pre-Calculation with Project

Metric Measurement Accuracy

Production Units suitable for standards

Our Sectors

Iron and Steel






Aluminium Cable


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